Big City Improv Festival, Toronto, Oct 14-22 2016

October 13th – 21st, 2017

Big City Improv Festival (BCIF) is Canada’s largest improv showcase, featuring the best performers from across North America.

Past Performers

Scott Adsit

30 Rock, Big Hero 6

Colin Mochrie

Whose Line is it Anyway?

Maribeth Monroe


Phil Lamarr

Mad TV, Futurama

Tim Baltz

Veep, Drunk History

Susan Messing

John Lutz

30 Rock, Seth Meyers

The Sufferettes

Holly Laurent

The Reckoning

National Theatre of the World

Steve Little

Eastbound & Down, Adventure Time

Jerry Minor

Mr. Show, SNL

Mark Little

Mr. D, Picnicface

Rachel Mason


Paul Brittain

SNL, Comedy Bang! Bang!

Jet Eveleth

The Reckoning

Scott Thompson

Kids in the Hall, Hannibal

Jeff Richards


Jaime Moyer

Plus: Magnet Theatre, The Chumps, MANTOWN, Easy Action, Falcon Powder, Hip.Bang!, Illusionoid, ImprovBoston, Mean People, Slap Happy, and many more!


BCIF Submissions

Want to perform in this year's festival? Submissions are now open until July 16th.

Big City TKO

The Big City TKO Tournament is an exciting 2-month-long improv cage match intended to foster brand new improv troupes.
Submissions open Mon, July 10th