Big City Improv Festival TKO, Toronto, August 15 to October 17, 2017

Big City TKO

TKO showcases some of the best new and emerging improv troupes in head-to-head battle for the chance to be crowned Big City Improv Festival's TKO Champions!

These teams will be competing for a cash prize of $1000 and 6 weeks of direction/mentorship from one of Toronto's BEST improvisors!

TKO kicks off August 15th, 2017 with a grand finale during the Big City Improv Festival in October. Each week one team will advance in the competition based on audience vote.

Big City TKO Tournament Brackets

*All TKO shows happen at Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor St. W. For tickets

**Please note - there is one exterior staircase, and one interior staircase in order to access Comedy Bar. There is no patron elevator**

Troupe Name Troupe Members
Bayside Tigers Antony Hall, Chris Middleton, Claire Spikerman, Darby McCann, Devon Henderson, Jackie Twomey, Kaleb Brown, Michael Mongiardi, Marlon Peters, and Rebecca Payne
Bear Cops Meaghan Johns, Rhys Naylor, Manny Mangat, Marko Bezić, Nicole Meredy, Patrick Roncal, Susan Dehdari, and Vallerie Traitses
Darth Vader Ginsburg Brittney Drysdale, Alex Kolanko, Saad Kahn, Nico Rice, Jason Reilly, Becky Gan, Sam Roulston, Patricia Tab, and Christina Nicolaou
The Drop-outs Grace Smith, Linda Taillon, Neil Mathur, Preet Panesar, Chanelle, Berlingeri, and Trevor Tranter
Erotic Friend Fiction Jimmer Lowe, Jessalyn Ferguson, Jonathan Shaboo, and Lauren Griffiths
Heartless Chastity Alia DeSantis and Amanda Parker
Hot Garbage Players Brett Loughery, Alexa Higgins, Jake Martin, Ian Goff, Emily Bossé and Barry McCluskey
The Improv Guilt Ryan Hildebrant, Mat Mailandt, Andrea Marston, Clare McConnell, Anne McMaster, and Ryan Sheedy
Michael Ceratops Justin D'Angelo, Charlene Roth, Bridget Cann, Anthony Tran, Griffin Toplitsky, Chris Middleton, Maya Cieszynska, Braeden Banks, Arun Kirupa, Saad Khan, and Brian Edwards
Moderately Oblique Holly Wyder and Florian Francois
The Name Of A Woman Who Does Not Exist Patricia Tab and Jackie Rowland
PERSONS Ashley Seaman, Brie Watson, Chelsea Larkin, Candace Meeks, Emily Richardson, Kyah Green, Martha Stortz, and MK Morris
The Pioneers Gauravi Shah, Irina Mann, Alex Crawford, Tony Tran, Velvet Wells, Gabriel Mansour, Richard Comeau, and Lara Tai
POOLS Dani Stover, Brennan Asbridge, Brandy Hewitt, Gordon Harper, Josh Tibbetts, Hanmin Yang, Cydney Connell, Michael D'Angelo, and Ryan Turner
Psychotic Gamblers Cydney Connell, Giancarlo Consoli, Hannah Fiddler, Logan Lindsay, Rae Maitland, Rachel Manson, Rabiya Mansoor, Ian McIntyre, Rhys Naylor, Parth Parikh, Miri Rain, and Vinay Sagar
Titty Titty Bang Bang Hannah Gallant and Harmeet Bhatti